Medical cannabis use can stir up a lot of questions for some people. How do I discuss my medical cannabis with my friends and family? Does this fit into my religious beliefs? How do I talk to my children about cannabis? Cannabis & You focuses on answering the questions about medical cannabis and your day-to-day life.

Cannabis & Religion

There is a lot of judgment surrounding the use of cannabis. When you mix together the use of cannabis and religion, the judgment increases. But why? Let’s discuss why the use of cannabis is taught to be a sin and how cannabis is perceived in different cultures.

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Parenthood: Have you had the Cannabis Talk?

Have you had the cannabis talk? Parenthood is challenging and throwing cannabis into the mix can sometimes create another set of challenges. No worries, we’ll be talking about how to navigate parenting and cannabis.

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Why am I afraid to use marijuana?

If you’re afraid of marijuana, it’s probably due to the huge amount of misinformation spread about it. During our class, we’ll clear up all of the false claims and maybe even change your perception of marijuana use!

Cannabis and Sex

Let's talk about sex! Let's learn about the different issues that can impact sex and how the use of cannabis can help overcome these issues. In this virtual discussion, we discuss cannabis' impacts on sex.

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